Narutos fanfic after infinite t…spoilers

“wake him again” minato tells kushina…”naruto wake up before I drag you out in your pajamas”says kushina “hurry up son we don’t want to miss free ramen at ichirakus” minato impatiently says… Naruto  groggily waking up “Hmmm whats going on? Free ramen? “….naruto comes out ready to go”mom dad” with a puzzled tone. All 3 head out the door. Life was buzzing in Konohagakure everyone is happy. Narutos notices Neji and hinata playing tag on the roof “Neji hinata” naruto says waving with a smile “naruto-kun” hinata says shyly “distracted I got you you’re it” Neji says while tagging hinata…further down the road jiriya at the book store “hey pervy sage” “hey naruto let’s go to the bathhouse again soon” “haha sensei hasn’t changed much” minato says… Narutos feeling like something is wrong until he smells the ramen and hears is stomach gurgle. “such a long line” minato says irritated …naruto notices in the front of the line “iruka sensei let us come to the front with you” naruto says “haha that wouldn’t be fair to all these people naruto”iruka replies. Minato and naruto grumble under their breaths…”gai sensei, bushy brows” naruto bursts out “naruto-kun are you enjoying this fine day? ” Lee says “why aren’t you training?” naruto asks puzzled “training?  What good is training?  We’re in the springtime of our youth we must enjoy it!” Lee says “that’s right lee” gai says with a smile… “no now I know something isn’t right. No, No, NO! ” screams naruto. “come back in line” kushina and minato say to him. “no!This isn’t right”naruto keeps saying. He sees hiruzen and orochimaru walking together he hears people in the village snicker “there’s that naruto again acting foolish”. “kakashi rin and obito?” he thinks to himself. “kakashi you must wake up this is a dream” naruto jolts out. “naruto this is a happy day go get some free ramen”. “this isn’t right” naruto thinks. “I need to find sasuke” naruto thinks, then heads to the uchiha district. Uchiha district was alive too people all over smiling and waving “hi naruto”, on the roof sat itachi and sasuke. Naruto runs up and puts a hand on sasukes shoulder “sasuke this is a dream, it’s not real”. “he’s right you know”itachi says calmly. “why didn’t you tell me earlier? ” asks sasuke. “because 1st you had to breakthrough the 1st barrier of the genjutsu and did when naruto touched your shoulder. “how do we wake up?” naruto asks. “grab hands, let each others chakra flow through you and cause a big disruption”. Naruto and sasuke grab each others hands “before you go sasuke, I’m I’m proud of you” itachi says… Back in the real world naruto and sasuke awaken, their eyes open revealing both now have 2 rinnegans from sharing eaches chakra….”you fool, you weren’t strong enough to put these brats to sleep” kaguya voice shrieks at madara. “huh? What’s going on? ” madara says painfully. The ground starts shaking, madara with 2 hands on his head screams “NO!” his head and body start to peel like a banana through it comes out the real demon kaguya. “thank you pawn I’ve been waiting to be reborn” she says to madaras husk. “Now for you two” she says to naruto and sasuke. “Are you ready sasuke?” naruto asks “believe it! ” sasuke replies… They come in with a bijuu rasengan shuriken and lightning chidori on each side of her like with madara. She lifts her head up and her body absorbs both attacks. “Mmmm more chakra” she says and with a flick of a finger sends them flying in opposite directions. “this seems almost hopeless” sasuke says to himself. “I got it. Narutos follow my lead” sasuke starts running towards naruto and naruto towards sasuke. “Grab my hand naruto” sasuke yells… Holding each others hands they scream “chibaku tensei” the earth starts to come up surrounding kaguya. “naruto always remember me you are my brother!” says sasuke then jumps up and starts hand signals and places his hand on the huge moon. “huh? What are you doing? ” says naruto “saving the world dork, carve my face into hokage mountain brother ,but I still need your help” says sasuke. Behind sasuke come out the death reaper “no” naruto cries out.”loser I need to seal this in you quite crying and come help” sasuke says smuggly…the moon starts entering narutos body. With his dying words sasuke says” itachi now I can finally spend time with you”…with a tear in his eyes and not to to be out done by sasuke, naruto says bijuu rasengansuriken sealing jutsu” holds up the beast rasenganshuriken and plunges it in his stomach. Inside naruto is the huge chibaku tensei surrounded by multiple rasengan shurikens all surrounded by the 45 tails of all the beasts….naruto passes out… He wakes up to hear sakura kakashi and all the ninja alliance cheering for naruto who they don’t just consider hokage but the kage of all the lands. Crying rejoicing is going on and naruto with a sad face says “I couldn’t save him in the end, I couldn’t protect sasuke”. “because that was his ninja path naruto” kakashi says standing over obitos corpse